verb (T)
1 to dry a wet surface by pressing soft paper or cloth on it
2 blot your copybook informal to do something that spoils the idea that people have of you
blot sth out phrasal verb (T) to cover or hide something completely: Thick, white smoke completely blotted out the sun. | She had blotted out all her memories of the accident. blot sth up phrasal verb (T) to remove liquid from a surface by pressing a soft cloth, paper etc onto it 2 noun (C)
1 a mark or spot that spoils something or makes it dirty: ink blots
2 a building, structure etc that is ugly and spoils the appearance of a place: a blot on the landscape: That new power station is a real blot on the landscape.
3 something that spoils the good opinion other people have of you: The Colonel's confession is a blot on the army's honor.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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